Financing Models

Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance from an interested online community in order to fund all sorts of projects. For a detailed overview of crowdfunding projects, portals and stakeholders in Berlin, check out The portal presents knowledge, current trends, market developments and related events, and is also a source of contacts.
There are four types of crowdfunding:
  • Crowd investing (equity-based crowdfunding) grants the crowd (in most cases) a silent partner’s interest in a company, which sells shares in return for money. This type of crowdfunding generates the most total funding and is a popular form of finance for startups in the early phase.
  • Crowd lending (lending-based crowdfunding) enables loans for projects carried out by individuals or businesses to be financed by the crowd. Like a normal loan, the money must be repaid at the end of a fixed term.
  • Crowd supporting (reward-based crowdfunding) enables money to be raised for a certain purpose in return for non-financial rewards known as ‘perks’, providing many different ways in which a crowd can be encouraged to support a project.
  • Crowd donating (donation-based crowdfunding) allows donations to be collected from the crowd with nothing expected in return.
Equity finance
Equity financing covers all financing transactions in which a business receives additional capital from new or existing owners, representing external financing of firms with equity. Various types of equity finance are possible depending on the investment phase and project as well as the company’s profile. The terms and the exact form of equity financing are contractually agreed on an individual basis.
List of equity finance and venture capital:

Public investors
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft

Coparion Fonds

High-Tech Gründerfonds

Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
Networks Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften

Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (BAND)

Business Angels Club Berlin e. V.

European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
Regular platforms in BerlinVenture Lounge
Online platforms   

Investor databases   

With our online tool it is easy to find available financing options for your business in Berlin. Gain an overview over the relevant publicly funded programs and other funding opportunities such as venture capital, crowd investing and leasing for your project and learn how to apply.  With just a few clicks you can find individual ways to finance your business in Berlin.